CASE Indonesia Launched a  Book to Bridge Education and Energy Transition in Indonesia

Jakarta, 15/09/2023 – Project Clean, Affordable and Secure Energy (CASE)  for Southeast Asia launched a book called Mulai dari Sini: Memahami Transisi Energi di Indonesia (Start from Here: Understanding Energy Transition in Indonesia) in Jakarta’s Public Library on Wednesday (13/09/2023). Through this book, Project CASE would like to elevate the knowledge of students and the […]

The Era of Global Boiling: What Media Needs to Know About Southeast Asia’s Climate Ambition Under Indonesia’s Chairmanship of ASEAN 2023

Jakarta, 15th of August 2023 –Project Clean, Affordable, and Secure (CASE) Energy for Southeast Asia held a media briefing event on the flagship theme of Measuring Southeast Asia’s Climate Ambition under Indonesia’s Chairmanship of ASEAN 2023. This event aimed at facilitating a discussion and disseminating in-depth information regarding Southeast Asia’s Climate ambition as well as […]

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