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About VIET

Vietnam Initiative for Energy Transition (VIET)

is an independent think-tank with a mission to accelerate the energy transition of Vietnam toward a carbon-neutral society in a sustainable and reliable manner. Our main objective is to deliver fact-based analysis on key drivers for the energy transition and provide a platform for discussions on technological, economic, and policy aspects of the Vietnamese energy sector. VIET also focus on broader information and communication exchange towards the public and policy dialogues.

Our core activities include (1) conducting original research that covers national energy policy, energy economics, and climate protection, (2) providing expertise by bringing together leading international and national experts to provide quality policy recommendations and analyses, (3) providing consultancy, analysis and prediction related to energy and climate protection and (4) provide training through receiving interns and Ph.D. students as well as organize training for relevant stakeholders.

Since 2018, VIET has undertaken intensive studies of important policy issues, connecting researchers and decision-makers to add analytical rigor to an otherwise politicized discussion of energy/climate-related issues. Our strength is based on our group of high-qualified researchers from various fields, including in-house multi-disciplinary modeling expertise as well as a network of national and international experts. Outputs from VIET’s studies have been recognized by the policymakers, development partners, private sector, and other stakeholders.
VIET focuses on four main thematics to support addressing the key challenges in the energy transition process of Vietnam that VIET has identified.

  • Renewable energy development (with a focus on Offshore Wind Energy)
  • Grid integration
  • Power market
  • Finance mechanism

VIET has established diverse partnerships with key stakeholders in the energy transition at the international and national levels. VIET are a member of the International Network of Energy Transition Think Tanks (INETTT), alongside other think tanks specializing in energy transition and climate change around the world. VIET is also a member of the Vietnam Clean Energy Association, a professional social organization established to promote clean energy and clean energy development policy in Vietnam. VIET also partner with academic institutions and NGOs/CSOs working in the field of energy, environment, and climate.

Vision and Mision


Building a world that is better, more sustainable, low-carbon oriented, and able to provide clean, sustainable energy for future generations.


Encouraging the acceleration of Indonesia’s energy transition towards a just, clean, and low-carbon energy system.


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