Business Initiatives and Sustainable Financing to Support Indonesia’s Net Zero Emissions Efforts

Talk Show on Sustainable Energy Finance Jakarta, Indonesia — CASE Indonesia, in collaboration with Tempo media, held an online talk show on 13 December 2022, discussing sustainable business and financial practices that have been implemented in support of Net Zero Emissions efforts. The show featured six panelists from several of Indonesia’s most reputable companies. At […]

Focus Group Discussion on Power Sector Carbon Pricing Implementation

Jakarta, Indonesia – In 2022, two ministerial regulations were stipulated following the Presidential Regulation on Carbon Economic Value: The Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation number 21 of 2022 and the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation number 16 of 2022. These ministerial regulations were promulgated to govern the implementation of carbon economic value, […]

Presentations Materials FGD 31 January 2023

Peran BPDLH dala Transaksi Perdangan Karbon (Role of Environmental Management Fund Agency on Carbon trade) Peraturan Menteri ESDM No. 16 Tahun 2022 Tata Cara Penyelenggaraan Nilai Ekonomi Karbon Subsektor Pembangkit Tenaga Listrik (MEMR Regulation on The Implementation of Carbon pricing sub-sector power plant) Carbon Emission Reduction Efforts – Jawa Power Peran Dekarbonisasi Dalam Pembangunan Nasional […]

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