Calculate Carbon Footprint with CASE Indonesia and Jerjakkarbonku.ID 

To celebrate Europe Day and the EU-Indonesia Friendship, The European Union Delegation in Indonesia prepared an eventful festival of Alun-Alun Eropa. In this momentum, CASE Indonesia had the opportunity to take part as one of their guests alongside By bringing a human-sized snake ladder game and carbon calculator, CASE Indonesia successfully introduced the importance of energy transition to approximately 6,000 visitors.  

During the festival, visitors are welcomed to play a snake-ladder game. It helped participants to increase their knowledge about activities that can contribute to carbon footprint through challenges they must answer when playing the game. Visitors can also be a part in a mini challenge to calculate their carbon footprint. This activity aimed to raise visitors’ awareness about unsustainable practices and how daily life choices can contribute to an increase in Green House Gas Emissions (GHG), that eventually harm our planet. Calculating individual carbon footprint is one of the first steps in minimizing the production of carbon emissions.  

In addition, the CASE Indonesia with conducted a mini interview to test visitors’ knowledge and impression about energy transition. These questions include their basic knowledge about types of renewables, their aspirations to the Clean Energy Bill in Indonesia, and their opinion related to paying slightly more expensive for electricity. 

With fun and interactive activities at Alun-Alun Eropa, CASE Indonesia hopes that the awareness of visitors on energy transition is widely extended. Hence, well-equipped knowledge may motivate participants in reducing carbon footprint as an effort to achieve net-zero emission.