Road to ISEW 2023: Raising the Public’s Awareness to Participate in Reducing Carbon Emissions in Indonesia

From Imagining Indonesia without emission through the Mirror of the Future and raising the awareness of the public through Kalkulator Karbon, Project CASE for Southeast Asia hosted a public campaign Road to Indonesia Sustainable Energy Week (ISEW) 2023 in Car Free Day Jakarta (17/09/2023)

“Project CASE was mandated to change the narratives of energy transition in Indonesia. One of the strategies are to raise the awareness of the public about the issue of energy transition and climate change. Through #ThisIsOurFuture campaign, CASE hopes the public understands that Indonesia without emission, will bring benefit for everyone,” said Agus Tampubolon, Project Manager of Clean, Affordable and Secure Energy (CASE) for Southeast Asia.

This campaign would like to amplify the utilization of clean energy in Indonesia, to achieve net zero emission in 2050. IESR through the carbon calculator which can be accessed from, would like to tell the public that our daily activities are also emitting carbon emissions. By being aware of our emission, we can take part in reducing said emission.

“Young people who attended with their family to the car free day is longing for health and the well being of the environment. Through, they could easily count their emissions and receive feedback on how to up their commitments,” said Irwan Sarifudin, Generasi Energi Bersih Coordinator, IESR.

This campaign would also like to promote Indonesia Sustainable Energy Week, from 10-13 October 2023 in Hotel Kempinski, Jakarta. ISEW 2023 grand theme is “United Towards A Decarbonized Energy System” that will bridge dialogues between the policy makers, academics, civil society organizations, youth and other non-energy stakeholders. Register now through