Supporting National Economic Recovery through Power Sector Initiatives

Accelerating rooftop solar photovoltaics deployment for Indonesia's green recovery. Two years into the pandemic, global economies, including Indonesia, are still battling the coronavirus. In dampening the impact and recovering the economy, governments around the world have announced trillions of dollars into rescue-type and recovery-type measures, of which the latter is sometimes also associated with measures that are aimed not only to kickstart the economy in the short term, but also facilitate transformative change that is sustainable, resilient, and environmentally positive in the long term, or often referred to as "green recovery". This report seeks to provide analyses and recommendations on green recovery measures that Indonesia can adopt to recover its economy post-pandemic, particularly through power sector initiatives, i.e. rooftop solar photovoltaics (PV), given its deflationary costs as well as its quick-to-deploy and labor-intensive nature.